Dealing with Friends that are Jealous

Dealing with Friends that are Jealous

People will feel jealous sometimes in their life and these are normal emotions. Some people will do things to protect people that are important to them. When someone is feeling jealous, it doesn’t make them a bad person, but it has to be dealt with so that it doesn’t become something unhealthy.

Friendships that are full of jealousy can become toxic and so you need to recognize it right away so that you can work it out.

Signs of a Jealous Friend

You should always want good things in your life rather that is something that you have or even a job opportunity. People will sometimes feel jealous if someone is successful and they aren’t. These feelings will come and go, and the person should be there to support you even if they have these feelings.

Sometimes though these feelings do not get better, and your friend might hold a grudge against you for having something that they want.

Here are some signs that your friend is being jealous:

Show Negativity

When you have something good happen to you the first thing that you want to do is to call your friend and tell them. You want them to support you. If your friend is talking to you negatively or acting fake when you tell them something good that happened to you, there is a problem.

Want to Outdo You

Someone that is jealous of you might try to do something bigger than you do so that they can get the appreciation or the knowledge of what they did.

They might go and buy a new car just because you got one or they might go and take a class that you took. Jealousy can be a serious thing and when you have this happening with your friend, they need to be talked to so it can be solved.

Feeling Bad

When someone in your life is jealous, they might make you feel guilty about something you did that was good. They can do this accidently, but it can put you down.

A friend that is jealous of you might say that you are just lucky when you do something good, and they will make you feel that you had nothing to do with it.

Some people will be negative when something good happens, but they might not be jealous but want to help prepare you in case something is going wrong. You need to find out what your friend is meaning when this happens and see if something needs to change.


People that are insecure and don’t feel that they have any worth will feel like they aren’t good enough. They might be afraid of you leaving them when something good happens to you.

Sometimes friendships will be insecure, and this can cause them to be jealous. This can lead to problems with your friends. This happens often in teenage friendships.


When someone is jealous, they might not support you in things you do. Even when you reach your goals, they will come and say things that are hurtful, and they might try to talk you out of trying to better yourself or reach your goals.

Feeling Self-Depreciated

If you have a friend that is negative when you do something good you get yourself to a place where you might start to put yourself down.

Even though you are doing this to protect your friend, it will not help you to stop being successful for someone else. You can just hope that things get better for them and that they don’t resent you.

Jealousy is normal but you need to point this out to your friend so that they don’t think it doesn’t exist.

Talking About Jealousy

When someone is always jealous, you need to talk about this. You need to talk about it and see if it makes a difference in your friendship. Stop letting negativity fill your life and help your friend to see what they are doing to you.

Even though this behavior is aggravating, figure out what you love about your friend and try to concentrate on those things. If they see that you are in pain by their actions, they will start to change and start feeling better for you.

It can help you to look at your own self and make sure that you are not showing off or focusing everything on you but on your friendship and your values.

Take a Break

You may find that you need to take a break from your friendship for a while. If they are so insecure that they are putting you down, and talking doesn’t make things better, you may need some time away from them. This can be hard because you love your friend but sometimes it is the best option.

You may need time away if these things are always happening:

  • The conversation is always followed by their rude remarks.
  • They make you feel bad about who you are.
  • They want to fight with you.

It can be hard to end a friendship, but you can even see a therapist together if you think it will help. This can give you the guidance and help that you need to work through things and to save your friendship from ending.

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