Get Rid of Fear and Listen to Yourself

Get Rid of Fear and Listen to Yourself

Fear can get the best of everyone here and there but if you find that you’re unable to listen to your intuition because of fear then something has to change. Everyone has to get to the point where they learn to accept their spiritual self, and this is deeper than just listening to your intuition. Trusting your intuition is one thing that can help you but if you are full of fear or if you feel crazy for your trust then you need to look at your struggles.

You aren’t the only one that struggles with trusting yourself. When there is something that is threatening you, your body will react, and this is something that has been passed down from generation to generation. There are many reasons that you might be fearful of listening to your intuition or even embracing your psychic gifts.


Fear is one of the biggest reasons that people choose to not listen to their psychic gifts, including intuition. This can be fear of someone judging you or fear of mental or phyiscal harm, having someone tell you that is crazy and try to take your kids or put you in a mental institute or even being afraid of death.

Most people have someone in their family that has been judgmental towards them, and some have even been abused physically and so this can be a reason that some have trust issues. If you weren’t afraid of these things, then chances are you would be more likely to listen to your intuition or to allow your psychic experiences to take place.

It is important that you not focus on the fear itself but focus on the deeper issues that make it harder for you to accept your intuition as a guide. What is causing you to be afraid of trusting yourself?

Feeling Crazy

Some people feel that they are crazy when they experience something spiritual. They might even have grown up seeing people deemed crazy for their psychic powers or for their fortune telling skills. Maybe you have heard someone call them a lunatic or to say things like, “they need to be locked up in the nut ward.” Hearing these things can cause you to be fearful of what people might think of you if you have the same gifts.

The fear of being labeled as being crazy is something that sometimes stifles peoples spiritual gifts. Psychic gifts and intuition can help you to make good choices. If you are feeling like you are dealing with a mental illness, this isn’t spiritual or psychic related and you need to see a doctor.

Someone that labels you as crazy for your gifts is someone that doesn’t understand your journey. You have to go past this and not allow this to wound or hurt you. The experiences that you have are bigger and your spiritual nature can be open as you go through your journey without fear.

Why Don’t You Trust Your Intuition?

Being mindful and learning to trust your intuition is hard for some people. You can look at your life and learn to honor yourself and challenge yourself to trust your spiritual gifts more. Don’t let other people cause you to have no trust and figure out what your intuition is telling you exactly. Ask yourself, “what fears do I have about trusted my intuition?” and figure out what kind of support you could use.

Look at the possibilities that your intuition can give you and change your mindset on what the world around you looks like. Think about how you can connect with your spiritual self and imagine what this would feel like for you. Think about your ancestors from times past and what would happen if they didn’t have a deep connection with the earth and with their own inner self.

How would you feel if your spiritual beliefs were widely accepted? Sometimes those in the past were killed for their spiritual beliefs but things are different now. How does it feel for you to think about a world that had those past experiences but now you don’t have to be afraid like others were.

Even though there were extremes when it acme to trusting their intuition, your ancestors would believe and explore what they believed. They had evidence to support their gifts and it showed a connection between how they lived their lives.

People even in the United States were killed and murdered in the past for their spiritual practices but these harms are not going to happen to you. The pain that your ancestors experienced was big and now you have to make sure that those wounds don’t stay with you. You can exist in the same place as other people and other spirituality.

Instead of holding on to past wounds, you can get past the trauma that has been unhealed by the pain of being called things and you can work to honor yourself and your gifts.

Healing Trauma and Wounds

Trusting your intuition and connecting with your wounds can bring healing and can help you to honor your psychic gifts. You can stop being afraid and stop worrying about how you can face your gifts, and this can also bring healing to your ancestor lineage.

Here are some great ways to honor your gifts:

  • Connect with Your Ancestors

Connect with your gifts and see that you can find your ancestral heritage. By honoring your gifts, you are honoring those that were deemed crazy for their gifts in your ancestral line. You can learn more about your own gifts and the ancestral gifts by looking at your DNA and by looking at your family tree. This can open a path of healing as you connect with this and find out about their spiritual practices.

  • Meditation

As you journey then you will see that you can open up new paths to your gifts and you can find out who you are and who your ancestors were with your meditation. Learning about your ancestors is a great way to get deeper healing.

There are powerful experiences that you can see opened as you make a deep connection with your ancestors and as you engage with the energy of those around you.

  • Journaling

Write down anything that you want to ask and anything that you want to know. If you are struggling with trusting yourself, write down why this is happening. Here are some prompts to get you started:

    • When you have intuition what do you think about it?
    • What is causing you to worry or to have fear based on your spiritual gift?
    • If you have a psychic experience, where in your body does it show up first and how does it make you feel?
    • What have you learned about trusting your intuition?
    • Are you fearful of losing people that you loved or being harmed by following your psychic gifts?
    • What kind of support do you need to feel safe?

When you have intuition come to you, notice what you are feeling and write it down. You can write things down that you can look at later and see your growth.

  • Energy Healing

Energy healing might be needed, and you can do this through breathwork, somatic healing and other ways. You can get rid of blocks that stop you from having healing that you need.

Figure out what kind of blocks that you have and honor your intuition by practicing these energy healing techniques.

  • Have Grace for Yourself

We all mess up and we all have to learn to have grace for others and grace for ourselves. As you go through these spiritual experiences, listen to what you need and do it. You might need to give yourself time or to be more patient. Do this. If you have past or present trauma, this needs to be healed before you can move forward with your spiritual practices.

Be kind to others and be kind to yourself. You have experienced things that other people haven’t and vice versa. Learn to have grace for things that you haven’t been through. Don’t feel that you are flawed because you have struggles, everyone does.

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