Why is Water Important?

Why is Water Important?

Water is important to life on earth, and it is very mysterious. It has been around for thousands of years and is an element that is more than the physical but can be spiritual as well. There is a spiritual significance to water and it plays a role in the dreams that you have and in astrology.

What is Water?

Water is what helps to sustain life. Water is a substance that keeps people, plants, and animals alive. It allows there to be movement, it separates the land, and it allows people to be healed. It also helps us to not be thirsty. There is so much that water does, and it is something that is both important and dangerous. It has a strong force and it has a lot of power.

Water plays a role in your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical being. It is something that is significant no matter where you live or where you are from.

Astrology and Water

Water is one of the four elements in astrology. There is fire, air, earth, and water. These all work with the zodiac signs and there are traits of these elements in them.

Water Signs

There are elements of thought when it comes to water. Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio are sensitive signs, and they are part of the water sign. They are able to change their mood and they change often. Just like the tides change, sometimes these signs change too. They have a lot to do with the movements of the earth and they are signs that struggle with their emotions.

Water is peaceful and it can also be powerful. People love water and they use it for entertainment such as swimming or boating. Even more, people will shower or take a bath to be part of water.


Once you understand the energy of water, you will see that astrology and water go hand in hand. This is a feminine energy and there are signs in the zodiac that govern the water element. This is an emotional element and is one that helps you to think.

Most of the elements work together like fire works with air to make oxygen so that a fire can burn and water works with nature to bring hydration to it. Each of the signs work together to help make the world go around.


This sign works best with the Taurus. The Taurus is a sign that is stubborn and they are emotional. The Cancer will balance them because they are compassionate and carrying. The Taurus wants to have intimacy and the Cancer will give them that.


The Pisces works best with the Capricorn. They are both emotional and they can get stressed easily. Capricorns are a water sign, and the Pisces will help them to connect with their emotional side.


The Scorpio and the Virgo work together and they make great partners. They both work hard and are dedicated. They have strong emotions, and they help each other to have harmony.


Water is known in mythology because of rivers and rain. They are known to bring civilization to places such as India, China and Egypt.

Chinese Mythology

Chinese mythology shows water as a symbol of luck. It is something sacred and allows people to be pure. The Chinese Zodiac works with the water tiger, and this means that it is powerful and can be full of ups and downs. But the water tiger works with the body and mind to make things strong.

Greek Mythology

Amphitrite is the wife of Poseidon and rules the oceans. She is the Queen or goddess of the water. She is known to reject Atlas’ proposal and then a dolphin brings it back to Poseidon and she becomes his wife. She is known to ride creatures of the sea.

Water and Religion

Water is known throughout religions:


Water is seen as harmony and part of nature. It is significant because it represents life and purity.


Water is known for baptism and to wash away sins. Water was used in the Bible as a way of escape and more.


In Islam water is a powerful element. It works with the Muslims to bring life and to be merciful to people.


In Hinduism water works with humans who drink the water and walk on the planets. Water is used in ceremonies and in pools in certain religious ceremonies.

Water and Dreaming

Water can be part of your dreams. Water can have different meanings depending on how powerful the water is and what the water is showing you. If your head is above the water then you are making it in life and you are able to overcome your stress and anxiety.

Water can also mean peace in your life, and it can be a dream that brings love and closure to you. It can show you that you are contemplating things in your life.

Water gives life to everything that is living. It is seen in different religions and cultures and even in your dreams. Water provides us with life and can help you to hold respect for the world around you.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to know more about water? See what water means to you and how significant it is in your life. There is so much symbolism that has to do with water and you can find out more by doing your research.

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