When You Aren’t Empathic

When You Aren’t Empathic

There are no perfect people, and everyone has their own personality traits, both good and bad. Some have better qualities than others. There are people that are open and that have what is considered healthy personality traits and others have a hard time being kind, loving and honest.

Personality traits play a big role in who we are and if you have personality traits that are lacking goodness, chances are that you will have a hard time connecting with other people. There are things in your life that can be overlooked but if you are looking to start a new relationship, some personality traits are a must.

Someone that has no emotions or that are considered to be callous are people that don’t have empathy for others. This is not good in relationships. When a person doesn’t have empathy though, there are other traits that often come along with this that you should be aware of:

Lacking Kindness

A person that has no empathy is probably someone that is unkind to other people. This can mean that they aren’t going to be nice to you, their family or even just strangers. They might be unkind in different ways such as telling jokes that are hurtful or thinking that its funny when someone gets hurt. They might even think that hurting other people is great.


Someone that is reckless in their personality isn’t someone that has a good personality trait. This can mean that they are dangerous and that they do things that are risky just to have fun with it.

No Self-Awareness

People who don’t have self-awareness are people that do not often realize how much the things that they say hurt others. They are people that might have a hard time being romantic with someone else.

When told to look deep at their lives, these kinds of people don’t know what to look for. They will get aggravated at you for asking questions or they will respond without thinking it through, often being negative.

Showing No Remorse

A person that has no empathy is someone that usually doesn’t feel bad about what they do or say. When they do something hurtful or wrong to you, they probably won’t apologize because they don’t feel bad for how they acted. They definitely don’t feel sorry.

Not only does this person hurt you without apologizing, but they are also often known as narcissists because they feel that they are given the right to hurt you and to not see anything wrong with their actions.

Super Charming

People that are callous in their personality will come across to others as super charming. They are able to turn this on so that people will think they are great. They know that they are wooing others, and they hardly ever use this charm for something good.

They will see something that they want, then they will turn the charm on. This might not seem like a bad personality trait, but it is when they are only doing it to benefit themselves.


Those that lack empathy are often liars. They have a hard time telling the truth and they are very manipulative. They will lie about even small things just so someone can feel sorry for them or so that someone can help them even when it isn’t necessary.

No Emotions

Empathy is something that is strong and means that you have emotions and care for others. When this is lacking, people will lack emotions, at least good ones. Most of the time the emotions that they show include things like being angry or being irritable.

When someone tells them something that is sad, they don’t feel it because they lack these kinds of deep emotions when it comes with other people.

Final Thoughts

Someone that lacks empathy might have other personality traits that are not good. Pay attention to these things when you are looking to make someone your partner.

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