What to Do When You Are Hurt by Rejection

What to Do When You Are Hurt by Rejection

Everyone has been rejected by someone or even a situation that you wanted but at the same time, the real truth was that it helped you to reach what you needed.

When you feel rejected, it can be hard, and it can cause you to feel pushed away. When you are rejected, you see that you feel bad, and you feel unworthy. The other person is who isn’t worthy of you not the other way around.

Rejection is something that you have to go through so that you can learn how to react in relationships that aren’t good for you or ones that aren’t going to work out. This will help you to find the right relationships to be in and it will help you to improve your life and open up to more options.

Will rejection cause you to feel bitter? Yes, and hurt, because you are human, and you don’t realize right away that the rejection is something that will help you to be better later. You often think things like:

  • What was it that I did wrong?
  • Why couldn’t they love me?
  • Why did this happen to me?

You have to learn to let your emotions make things positive for you. Your rejection can help you to be inspired to start a new story in your life.

If you feel that someone isn’t respecting you or they aren’t treating you like you are worth, you will see that you will either accept that treatment or you will learn to value yourself and to show yourself respect. If you can’t do this, how can you expect someone else to?

We often let rejection control us and tell us what to do next, but why let someone like that hurt you and cause you to feel bad?

You have to realize that you deserve better and here are some things you need to remember:

  • This person that you loved treated you badly over and over again and you let them hurt you and break your heart more than once.
  • One of the best things in your life is to have the courage to stop letting people treat you poorly.
  • Life has a better idea for your life.
  • God will lead you to something better.
  • Sometimes you have to get broken in order to be able to be stronger.
  • This doesn’t mean that the world is over for you. Rejection hurts but it doesn’t end your world.
  • People do not always notice that you did so much for them. When you leave them, you will see that they realize that they took you for granted and didn’t respect you.
  • Some things in life have to end without closure. There is nothing worth fixing when it is broken.
  • Have inner peace.
  • Don’t let others control who you are or what you feel.
  • You cannot listen to what people say that are putting you down, this is on them not on you.
  • Have strength to build yourself and others up.
  • Let the hurt remind you that someone has hurt you but left you smarter than ever.
  • Don’t think of this as a loss but think of it as a new path.
  • You will not miss out on someone that wasn’t meant to be with you anyways.
  • Stay positive.
  • Rejection is part of life and you cannot let it beat you.
  • Too many people overvalue themselves and they do not realize who they really are. Be yourself and don’t let others hold you back.
  • Stop comparing yourself with other people. This only makes you look bad.
  • Fill your life with purpose and find passions that help you to have fun and goodness.
  • Use your struggles to help you to do better in your life.
  • Change is something that is hard, but it means something better is coming.
  • Start a new beginning and be strong enough to move forward.


You do not have to have someone to love you in order to love yourself. If someone rejects you, chances are it is about them and not about who you are. This might make you feel bad because no one wants to be rejected but learn to move forward and find someone that does love and respect you.

Say what you are feeling and allow yourself to meet your needs and to know that you are enough. Let go of people in your life that don’t see your value.

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