How to Be an Authentic Person

How to Be an Authentic Person

Being your true and authentic person can be hard, especially if you feel that you are not going to be accepted with who you are. You might imagine yourself being more accepted if you become someone else and being authentic might really scare you.

How to Be Authentic

Being authentic means that you let people see the real you. You don’t hide parts of yourself that you don’t like, and you learn to show yourself genuinely. Being authentic allows you to show your real identity and it helps you to accept yourself for who you are.

Why Being Authentic Matters

When you are not yourself, people never get the chance to know who you really are. You should be true to yourself and express your thoughts and feelings because that is who you are.

When you are someone, you aren’t, you tell the world that you aren’t good enough and this leaves you feeling disconnected from other people.

Why We Lose Ourselves

People are always losing themselves because they want to fit in, and they are afraid they aren’t good enough. They want to make friends, have a relationship and be a part of life that is important. People want to have meant in their life and to find purpose and they often think that being someone else is more valuable.

We lose our values when we live as someone else. When we choose to not be our real self, we lose the value that we offer others.

Why is it Hard to Be Ourselves?

People sometimes learn to be someone else as young as children. They do this because they are told by their parents to act a certain way so that they can fit in. This causes them to change their emotions and thoughts from a very young age and not to act like themselves.

We learn to adapt to someone else and the purpose and values of society. We learn to let this part of life run the life that we have.

If we want to be authentic, we have to learn that we have our own purpose and values and we have to learn to show the world what those things are.

Developing Your Unique Self

There are ways that you can be your authentic self and here are some of those ways:

Learn Who You Are

You have to learn to live your life in the now. Stop worrying about what happened in your past and learn to move forward. Life is full of pressures, but you can face these things. When challenges come, learn to respond to them the way that you want and not the way that society tells you.

Family System

Pay attention to what kind of family life you grew up in and see if that made you change who you were. As a child, we are vulnerable, and we do what we can to fit in and to make our parents happy. See if you were treated differently because of being your fake self and learn to acknowledge that.

Talk About It

You have to talk to yourself and find out who you really are. Do not let the world set you up to be fake. Figure out what you want and learn to be confident in yourself.

Ask yourself to share with yourself that you have struggled with. Be honest with yourself and encourage yourself to write down things that you felt and how you have seen things over time.

Be open to what you really are and who you have pretended to be. Do not be afraid of being rejected or feeling hurt. These are parts of yourself that you have to open up so that you can understand why you are being who you are.

Develop Yourself

Learn to be aware of the things you believe and your actions and what caused you to be who you are. Maybe you were around people that put you down or around people that had different thoughts than you had.

Adapting to yourself so that you can fit in is not a way to be who you really are. It is normal to want to do this but if you want to be your real self, you have to figure out if your actions and beliefs line up.

If you know that you are wanting to be your true self, learn what you can do to be more honest with who you are.

See Your Doubts

Look at the things in your life that have caused you to doubt who you are. Find out what is deep inside of you and the hidden things that have held you back.

Doubt can lead you to be someone else because you don’t want to show your real emotions and feelings.

Have Courage

Have courage to be who you are meant to be. Let yourself work through the uncomfortable moments and to become familiar with your unfamiliar self. Let your heart race and let yourself know what it feels like to be afraid but then embrace that.

Your real self is full of fear and you have to let the things that you have hidden come out so that you can know who you really are. Have the courage to move forward in your life and identify the things that you have experienced to make you who you should be.

Find Your Values

Figure out what you believe in and what values you have. Not the values others have given you but the ones that you really believe in. Start living in them.

Love Who You Are

You have to learn to love yourself if you want to be your real self. It takes a lot of self-love to be who you are. Learn to set time apart so that you can meditate and think about the good qualities that you have.

Relax and be receptive to what is around you. Let energy come to you and let yourself be who you are meant to be. Have love and share your love with others.

Take Time and Be Patient

Developing your real self takes time. Be patient with yourself and when you fail, try again. Allow yourself to change your behaviors and actions over time and align to be your true self.

Let Go

Let go of different beliefs that have held you back and ones that you don’t really agree with. Get rid of these emotions and thoughts and write them all down. Allow your mind to tell you things that you have held on to that you don’t believe.

Find Out What You Believe

Now take time to list things on your paper that you really do believe about yourself. If you feel that you aren’t good enough, write that down. If you feel ugly or fat, write that down. Take a chance to figure out what is going on inside of you.

Now make a positive alternative to the things that you believe about yourself. Tell yourself that you are good enough and that people love and respect you. Make some positive affirmations and tell them each day.

Develop Who You Are

Take time to develop who you are from your subconscious mind. This is possibly hidden things that you have to discover over time. You will learn to have self-compassion and you need to be patient to get that.

How to Keep Your Real Self

Once you figure out who you are, you have to start telling others and being truthful. Show people that you are who you are and do not lie to try to fit in. Do not worry about being embarrassed or hurting others, just be the best you can be.

Say the Right Statements

You have to make a decision to slow down and make statements that support what you believe. Do not hide what you have to say but say it loud and proud.

Say the Truth

Always speak the truth of what you feel inside of yourself. Learn to trust yourself and let others see that you are the real deal. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and be positive with your thoughts and feelings.

Develop Your Life

Learn to develop your life to be the best you can be and to be the real you. Take jobs that you love that fit your life and your personality.

Set your goals so that you can reach your goals being the person that you were meant to be.

Check Yourself

Learn to look at yourself and to monitor your behavior. Pay attention to the times that you aren’t truthful or that you mess up. Examine what is going on in your life at all times.

Be Authentic

Once you start being authentic, learn to change your mindset and to grow. Learn lessons about your past and learn how to pay attention to who you want to be. As you grow, you will learn more about who you are, and you will be the best you can be.


Rely on your intuition to guide you. This will help you to make good decisions and to have an open mind.

Find Purpose

We all have a purpose and when you choose to embrace your real self, you will see that you have a purpose in your life. By developing your true identity, you can start to work on things that you want to do in your life and on your convictions.

Learn to set goals and see that you are worthy to reach them. Allow yourself to manifest what you want in your life and let your life purpose be clear to you.

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