Increase your intelligence with the following 6 essentials

Increase your intelligence with the following 6 essentials

Below are ways you can increase your emotional intelligence:

  1. Being able to reduce negative emotions

Nothing is more important than our ability to manage our negative emotions, so nothing tires and affect our judgment. We must change the way we feel about a situation if we want to change the way we feel about a situation.

  1. Being able to express difficult emotions when necessary and be assertive at the same time.

Sometimes in life, it’s important to set boundaries so people can know where we stand. These are: exercising our right to disagreeing without feeling guilty, having priorities, receiving what we paid for and protecting ourselves from harm.

You should take into consideration the XYZ technique when you want to express difficult emotions.

  1. Being able to stay cool and manage stress

We all encounter stress in our lives. The difference between being assertive versus reactive, and poised versus frazzled depends on how we handle stress. We should always keep our cool when under pressure.

  1. Staying proactive in the face of a difficult individual

Most of us have met unreasonable individuals who win our lives. We have dealt with a difficult individual at home or work. It’s quite simple to let a challenging individual affect us and ruin our day.

  1. Being able to bounce back from hard times

We all know that life is not easy. There will be a distinction between hope versus despair, optimism versus frustration, and victory versus defeat when we choose how we feel, think and act about life’s challenges.

  1. Being able to express intimate emotions in close, personal relationships

This is very important especially if you want to maintain close personal relationships. What does effectively, therefore, means in this case? It means sharing intimate feelings with somebody in an appropriate relationship, in a manner that’s healthy and constructive and being able to reciprocate the love.

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