Stop Being a Victim All the Time

Stop Being a Victim All the Time

We all face struggles in our lives and sometimes we fall into the idea that we are the victim and sometimes we play the victim role. There are times when we have to realize that the challenges that we face are there, but we have to learn to fight instead of succumbing to them.

Make sure that you know that there are challenges that are very real and there will be times where you go into life full of hurt, pain and grief. There is suffering all over the world.

People are looking at the world like they have never seen it before, and they have to deal with the stresses that come with living life.

You can be better than the victim mentality and here are some ways that you can:

Validate Feelings

Everyone has pain and everyone has strong emotions, but it is how you choose to handle your emotions that will make you who you are.

You must learn to validate what you are going through and validate your feelings and what you are thinking. This doesn’t mean that you should let your feelings, or your emotions control you, but it means that you have to own them and accept that they are there.

Beliefs and Values

Everyone struggles here and there and there are many reasons why you might be suffering. People often forget who they are when they are struggling and instead of sticking with their values and beliefs, they limit themselves and they choose to be a victim.

They feel that they will not fit in and they are frustrated and do not set their mindset in a positive manner. Be persistent in becoming someone better and changing your mindset. Learn to develop your thinking and let yourself grow.


You must learn to control who you are and what you want in your life. Learn to be motivated and to build your life up by being active in the changes in your life.


Find habits that make you happy. Do things that you enjoy in life. Learn to change your behavior so that you can be in control of what you are feeling.

If you are wanting to do something, try it out and you might find that you are better at it than you expected to be.


Find something that inspires you. If you love spending time with people in your life, do it or if you like to listen to motivational speeches online, do that. Figure out how to inspire yourself and how to be the best you can be.


Everyone makes mistakes and not everyone can be perfect. You might feel that all you are doing is making mistakes, but the truth is that the way that you think about yourself and the way that you handle the mistakes you make can help you to be a better version of yourself.

Be Strong

Do things to stay strong. Go outside and get exercise. Eat healthy meals and do things to make your mind and body strong.


Do not allow your emotions to control you. If you need a break from bad habits, figure out what you can do to resist these things. Find people to talk to that will build you up and help you.

Small Steps

Every time that you face a challenge, take small steps. Learn to stop playing the victim and learn to celebrate the things that you do that are small but that are good.

Do not make excuses for yourself and do not always be sorry for you mistakes. Take a step towards being better.

Your Own Time

Find your own time to get things done. You do not have to live on a timeline of others but learn to push forward and to do the best that you can be.

When you are being the victim in your life, you might have a hard time being your best. Stop being a victim and be the best person you can be.

Show Yourself Honor

Learn to honor yourself and do this by stop making excuses. Be committed when you say that you are going to do something and be responsible when you make a mistake or mess up.

How You Want to Live

Figure out what you want for yourself and reach for it. If you want to go to school, do it, if you want to open your own business, do that.

You have the skills needed to be better, take time and make things happen.


You have to make sure that you are ready to make hard choices. No matter what you are doing, choices will come. Do what you can to make good choices even when taking the low road is easier.


Learn to laugh at yourself and to have fun. Figure out how to see things in a better way. Laugh, love, and enjoy your life.

Looking Back

You need to stop looking back into your past. Learn to pay attention to what is going on now and look to the future.

The only thing that you are guaranteed to have is yourself, do not blame yourself for things that happened in the past. Get over it and move forward.


You can make yourself better and you can do that by stop being a victim. Learn to be better and learn to do the best that you can and be the best that you can be.

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