Deciding On A New Career

Deciding On A New Career

There are a thousand different careers that you can pick if you want to find one that is perfect for you. You have so many choices that it can be scary to know what to do with your life.

Even if you know that a career change is right for you, you wonder if it will be something that works for you in the future.

You have to start somewhere in your life and if you are out looking for a job or if you just finished school and you need a new career, here are some ways that you can know what job to pick:

Careers You Can Choose

It sounds easy to find a job but before you even start looking, you need to have an idea and a thought what you like and what you are interested in.

The next thing that you need to do is write a list of things you are good at. If you don’t know what you are good at, ask someone to help you and to give you a real answer on what they feel your talents are.

After you have made your list, figure out what things you are good at and what things that you like.

Make a third list and write down what you are skilled at but what you don’t really like to do.

Job Assessment

Standardized tests should not decide what career path you are going for. You need to find a career test that includes your abilities and things you are interested in.

Before you look at the results of your test, take a break and think about if your answers were because of how you were feeling at the moment or if you could find yourself doing those things each and every day.

If you like to help others, for example, you might test high in medical but if you don’t like the idea of working in a hospital then it might not be a good job choice for you.


Each career can be great, but it can also be frustrating. Before you make you choice, be clear on what you want in your life. Read reviews and job descriptions and figure out which ones you like the most. Make a pro and con for your list.

Here are some things you need to ask yourself:

  • What kind of hours would you have with this kind of job? Are the hours flexible?
  • What kind of skills will you have to have?  Do you have what it takes to learn new things?
  • What kind of education do you need?
  • Can you afford to go back to school if you need to?
  • How much will the job pay?
  • What kind of growth can you have in your company?
  • What opportunities are available in the area that you live in?
  • Would you be on a team or by yourself?

Interests and Strengths

Make sure you find a place between your interests and your strengths and figure out how they develop and help you to get better in your field.

You have to compromise sometimes between what you want and what you will need, and it is important that you find balance.


The best way to figure out what you want and about the career you are interested in is to talk to a professional in that field. Here are some ways you can reach out to them:

  • Call local businesses.
  • Source your social media.
  • Ask past employers to give you a recommendation.
  • Sign up for conferences.

Schedule a meaning or an interview with someone you have connected with. Ask them to help you figure out if the career is right for you. Notice the different roles that people play in the organization and see if they feel what you feel about the career.

No matter what you find out, write it down so that you can compare the difference of opinions. Find out the different expectations that you have.


One way that you can learn more about a job you are interested in is to shadow or volunteer at an organization. Job shadowing allows you to follow someone around at their job and to work with them so that you can understand what the work is like and the environment of the career you choose.

Shadowing is a good way to meet new people, especially if it is the organization you are thinking about joining. Doing this can be a good experience and give you a sign if you are wanting to go on that career path or try something new.

Volunteer at a place so that you can get some experience and explore your career options. Being a volunteer means you can be flexible with your time.


Take a class that has to do with the career you are interested in. If you want to be a dentist, take a class so that you can know what the medical field is like.

Sign up for a couple of classes related to your field and if you are still in college, the class might even count towards your degree. Try to find classes that you can get a scholarship to take or a low-cost class.

Taking a single class will not be the same as earning a degree and is a good way for you to figure out if you would be interested in that particular career path or not.


Find a contractor that will hire you to give a career a try. Skip the entry role and do a bigger commitment so that you can invest your options. The gig economy offers the best for you to try the job and to get paid.

Gig workers will take work from different companies and can try out a job to see if they are good at it. Plumbers and artists are good examples of this kind of job and they will get a paycheck but not have to sign a contract.

In a gig economy, you do not have to sign a contract and if you find that you are not happy you can move on.

You never know if you will like something unless you give it a try. Doing contract work is one way that you can do this kind of work and then you will know.

Market Who You Are

When you want to meet your goals and your dreams, you have to figure out how to be successful. Marketing yourself can allow others to know who you are, and you can figure out what kind of field you want to be in.

If you are someone without much experience, you might get rejected but do not give up. If you get a couple of interviews, then this is an opportunity that you didn’t have before.

Outreach is a good strategy, and you can set up your own profile and website and put a portfolio on it so that others can see what you are made up of. Describe what kind of work you are looking for on social media.

There are many recruiters that are always out looking to hire people for their company. The more you expose yourself the more you will have chances to get offers. You may find the perfect job fit.

Never Give Up

Finding a new career is not going to be easy but it will be worth it in the end. Find yourself looking into a field or a career.

Whatever you want in your life, put in time, and do not give up searching until you find the best career for you.

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