Learn to Be Confident and Stop Being Needy!

Learn to Be Confident and Stop Being Needy!

If you are a very needy person then you need to realize that you can make things worse by allowing your mind to be in control of your emotions. Maybe you have met someone that you like, and you love to smile at them and talk to them but what happens if you don’t hear from them?

The more you call him or text him, the more you are pushing him away.

Here are some things you can do to avoid being needy:

Being Agreeable

When you like someone you want them to like you. You become vulnerable to whatever they are doing, and you learn to agree with everything they say.

Maybe the guy you are with likes to go to the bar and you hate it, After a few days you will agree to go to the bar but you are very miserable because it isn’t what you like to do.

A woman that has confidence will not do what a guy wants and will not be agreeable to everything. Men like women that like their own things and have their own opinions. They like girls that are strong minded.

Drop Everything

If you are with someone and you want to be happy, stop giving up your life for them. You should be happy, and you should want to be with them, but you cannot choose to drop everything for them.

Dropping everything for your guy will make you look needy and will cause him to lose respect for you.

Follow Up

One great thing about dating is the follow up. You need to text your man but not to be overwhelming. Be confident and let him call you back.

Don’t play games with this person and if they haven’t text or messaged you for days, then do not message him. If he wants to talk to you, he will and if you are always the one texting first it can make you look needy.

Men know what they want, and they will put an effort in it. Men do not want a girl that is stalking him or that is overly needy.


One of the biggest mistakes that women make is to think of the future. Sometimes women do this before the first date is even over.

Let men go slow and give them all the time that they need. Show them your personality and how much fun you are.

Be confident in who you are and being needy is the worst thing you can do. Let go of your future plans and relax.


Each time you start to feel needy, be confident. Ask yourself what would cause your guy to go away and know that neediness is the answer.

Get rid of the negative emotions and allow yourself to have fun. If this man is meant for you, he will contact you. Let your feelings be from a place of confidence and not neediness.

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