What to Do When You Feel Insecure

What to Do When You Feel Insecure

Many people struggle with being insecure and there is probably no one that you can ask in this world that has not felt that way before.

Most people see you different than you see yourself and most people do not even realize that you have these issues because they see the talents and traits that you have. Most people that have insecurity judge themselves poorly and see themselves in the wrong light.

Being insecure can cause you to feel doubtful and unworthy about who you are. This can stem from childhood issues and self-confidence that you didn’t get as a child.

Feelings of insecurity can come back to haunt you and so here are some things you can do to strengthen yourself in these times:


Insecurity can be looked at as a positive thing because it means you are humble. Since people look at humility and see it as such as good quality, this can be the way that you look at yourself. You are not wrong to have a strong sense of self-consciousness as long as you do not hate yourself. Learn to laugh at the things that upset you and learn to be happy.


Self-esteem is something that many people lack. You need to look back on your life and find out why you are lacking self-esteem. Sit down with your friends and ask them to write down 10 good qualities about yourself and then ask your friends to read them to you.

Then, do this for yourself. You will find that it is a lot harder for you to do it than for your friends to. Take what they say and read it to yourself each time you feel insecure.

Avoid People

If there are people in your life that make you feel bad about yourself or insecure, stay away from those people. They are not good for you and you need to protect yourself.

Take yourself seriously and allow yourself to be safe. You should be the first priority in your life and if you are hanging around people that do not like you or care about you then you are letting yourself down.


There are people in your life that will get who you are, and this will be your circle of friends. Keep it small and tight and allow these people to always surround you. These people will tell you the truth and will not hide their feelings about what they are thinking about you.

These are people that will be a breath of fresh air for you and will help you to get you out of your insecurities. Believe them and trust them.


Your feelings of insecurity are invisible feelings. No one can see what you are feeling and so they cannot help you unless you tell them.

Talk to people that you trust and tell them how you feel. This can help you to talk about your feelings and to learn to move forward from them. Embrace who you are and find peace and happiness in yourself.

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