How to overcome insecurity

How to overcome insecurity

We can begin to challenge our insecurities once we have discovered where they come from the influence they have in our lives. We can begin by interrupting the critical inner voice process. 5 essential steps exist in this process and voice therapy which was developed to help people overcome their critical inner voice has been used. These are;

Step I

In the first step of voice, therapy self-critically vocalizing thoughts in the second person. You can also put down these thoughts.  Through that, you will view this process as an external enemy.  The whole can also be emotional as these sayings can bring back past feelings.

Step II

In this step, you can begin contemplating and talking about the insights and reactions you need to expose these mean thoughts. Are they reminding you of anything from the past? Uncovering the relationship between these attacks and early life experiences can be helpful. This will make it easy for you to be compassionate and have accurate reflections of who you are.

Step III

The fact that this process involves holding firm unto one’s beliefs and insecurities is the reason why people often struggle with this third step. You will express your true viewpoint and answer back to your voice attacks. You can put down statements that are either rational or realistic about who you are.

Step IV

In this step, you now begin to contemplate how your present day-behaviors are being influenced by the voice attacks.

Step V

This final step involves changing these behaviors through a plan. This process is not easy. Change always comes with anxiety. These inner voices can feel uncomfortable to challenge even though they have been with you your whole life. Expect the voices to get louder when you change. Your insecurities will weaken slowly through perseverance and are unlikely to go overnight. When you discover ab attack, do not pay attention to its directives, just stand up to it. Do not let it convince you to avoid exercise if you aspire to be healthy.  Don’t hold back your affections if you want to get closer to your partner.

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