Move on In Life After a Breakup

Move on In Life After a Breakup

When you have a broken heart, moving on and healing is never easy. This isn’t something that you can just forget about when you go to sleep, and it isn’t something that you can just fix by taking a pill.

Heartbreak often ends with you wondering if you could have made something different or if you could have made the relationship better or stopped it from failing.

Letting go of something like this is hard and it can cause you to feel that you are not good enough.

There are things that you can do after a breakup to help you move on and here are some great tips:

Allow Your Feelings

You are allowed to have feelings. When you go through a breakup it can leave you feeling rejected and sad. These emotions can leave you having emotions that you cannot help.

Learn to accept your emotions and learn to feel them. By accepting your feelings, you can get over them easier.

Let It Go

Once you know your feelings and you accept them, you can learn to let the feelings go. Journal or talk to someone.

If you are tired and overwhelmed, take a nap and sleep your problems away.

Learn a Lesson

Each relationship is a lesson in your life, and you need to figure out what you learned from this broken relationship.

The lesson might have been there to help you to learn to trust your intuition or to better who you are. Do not focus on the things that make you feel that you are to blame but look at the relationship overall and see what caused the relationship to fail and what it taught you.

Remember that men and women want things that are different. Some guys want to just be in a perfect sex relationship while women want to be with someone emotional and loving.

Men have different feelings and when a relationship doesn’t work out, it is easy for us to blame ourselves and to think that we are the problem.

Learn to understand what the opposite sex wants and learn to embrace their differences and to learn from them.

Not the One

When you want to move on, realize that he wasn’t the perfect mate for you. Do not look at all the good things but look at the bad things he contributed to the relationship that made it not work out.

Talk to Someone

Find a friend or family members to talk to that you can trust. Your friends will help you to go through this in your life and you will not be alone.

Stop Contacting Them

Stop watching his social media or trying to contact him. The less that you are around him the less you will want to be around him.

Get out of the habit of wondering what he is doing and focus on making yourself happy. Do not go to the places where you think you will run into him and give your heart a break.

Give yourself space away from him and do not feel pressured to talk to him. If you hate him, you still need to distance yourself. Block them from your social media and his number too.

Find Closure

A relationship that ends can be painful and there will be many emotions and questions that you face. Even though you can realize that there are these questions, some of them will not be answered. The best thing that you can do is to find closure and to move on.

If you need to sit down with them and talk about the breakup, do it. Ask them why things went wrong and ask them to help you understand.

Doing this can help you to stop feeling conflicted in your heart and help you to move forward.

Get Them Back

Even though you have broken up, if you decide that you want them back, maybe your breakup will not be forever. There are things that can get you back together such as being compatible with them and if you didn’t break up because of cheating or abuse.

If you still have feelings for this person, talk to them and see if you have a chance to get the relationship back together.


You have to forgive your ex and forgive yourself. When you don’t forgive, you will never be able to move forward in your life.

Forgiving can free you and make you get rid of the baggage that comes with a breakup. If you had something to do with the breakup, forgive yourself and allow yourself to be free of that pain.

Think about the person that has hurt you and know that they probably weren’t meant to be with you anyways.

Forgive yourself for everything and then forgive them.

Forgiving You

When you want to forgive yourself, you have to learn to identify the role you had in the breakup. Doing this can help you to deal with the past and the present and to have a better future.

Give yourself time to figure out what happened wrong and to think about what happened in the relationship.

Your life is not over, and you and your ex are not in a life that is ruined. Both of you can make better choices and move forward and find new love.

What You Might Have Had

One of the worse things that you can do is to think about what you might have had. When the relationship ends, you have to let it go. You cannot concentrate on things that you may have had or how things may have gone.

Maybe you could have done something differently or maybe you could have responded differently, but you didn’t and the decision that you made to move away from the relationship was one that allowed you to make better choices in your life.

Love Them Still

Even after the breakup, you can love your ex. It doesn’t mean that you have to fantasize about them or that you have to be romantic with them.

You have to move on, and you have to stop hating your partner. You can still love them but just love them from far away.

Doing What You Love

Find hobbies and things that you love to do. This can help you to move on and to be happy. Do things that bring you joy such as pick up a hobby or take a college class. You can work out, go in nature, or do other things, whatever makes you feel good.

Make New Connections

When you meet new people, they can help you to move on. Meeting new people will help you to get on with your life and to have people that are easy to talk to.

Nothing Is Wrong

Just because you went through a breakup doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you. Relationships often mess up and fall away and this doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you.

Things probably weren’t what you wanted them to be and maybe you are just not meant to be with each other.

Know There Is Always Love

No matter what happened in your past relationship, you can find new love. There are many people out in the world that would love to meet someone like you.

Just because you broke up doesn’t mean that you will forever be single. Give your best and live your best life and you will meet someone when the time is right.

Let Time Heal

It takes time to heal and when you are ready to move on, you will. This might take a few weeks or months or even years.

No one has the same feelings and so every breakup is different. Accept that you will go through pain and sadness but that one day it will end.

The relationship might have been hard and maybe you have a hard time understanding what went wrong and this is okay.

When a relationship ends it will sometimes leave you feeling confused, but you do not have to constantly focus on that. Let your life restart and be new again.

Be There for You

Love yourself and learn to be the best you can be. Do things that help you to build your self-esteem and to be stronger.

Do things that make you feel good and put on your makeup and fix up so that you can feel good.

Getting over a breakup is hard but you can get up and dust yourself off and you can do better. Clear your mind and allow yourself to move forward.

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