Why Are You Dating?

Why Are You Dating?

Today I’m going to ask some tough questions: Are you dating because you don’t want to be alone? Or are you dating to add another person to your already wonderful life? Do you consider your life incredible, amazing, and wonderful? Are you sick and tired of being single? Does it occupy your thoughts every day?

Law Of Attraction And Dating

Maybe you’ve convinced yourself, “This year I really think everything will be better. I want to find true love. I truly believe my life would be complete if I had somebody to share it with. I want to take a vacation, but I won’t go until I have someone in my life to come along. I can’t have fun if I’m alone…”

Here’s the truth: you already are complete. Nobody else has the power to complete you. If you hold the belief that your life would be more complete if you had somebody in it,you’re essentially haven’t learned the main lesson I teach when it comes to dating: self love.

If you don’t love yourself and enjoy being in your own company, you’re going about dating in a needy way. You’ll only meet other people who are also needy. When two needy people have a relationship, it’s based solely on need on two lonely and needy people. It becomes dysfunctional and co-dependent. Co-dependent relationships are not healthy. Co-dependency is the main reason why many relationships are unsuccessful and fail.

If you’re serious about starting a healthy relationship, you need to embrace the beauty you already have in your life. Start by making a list of all of the amazing things about your life. Write down the things about you as a person that are amazing. List how amazing it will be when you share your amazing things with somebody else.

We’ve all been going about dating in the wrong way for a long time. Dating isn’t based on needs. It shouldn’t be about wanting. Dating should be all about the way you feel when you’re by yourself and when you’re with your partner.

Law Of Attraction And DatingSince I learned how to love myself, and started doing the things I love to do, I’ve been practicing the law of attraction. I started to attract great women to me and into my life because I was doing the things that I love to do. I was going out to eat at restaurants I liked. I went places where I found people that I had things in common with. I was able to become my own best friend.

Once you’ve master this too, you’ll start attracting the right type of people into your life. It works like a charm, but you have to trust it. You have to believe that those people will come into your life. You have to have fun doing what you’re doing. That’s what will attract everything else.

Have you ever gone out and kept your arms folded, and looked all pissed off and angry? Well, guess what? Nobody will wan to talk to you. Nobody will want to meet you if you act that way and give off unattractive energy.

It’s time to change how you think about dating and meeting people. Learn about the law of attraction, and your life will become much improved!

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