10 Things to Do When Life Gives You Trouble

10 Things to Do When Life Gives You Trouble

Life isn’t always easy. There is an old saying that says either you are going into trouble, coming out of trouble, or are in trouble. You may find yourself in a downward spiral right now and wondering when it will get better.

The Bible character Job would understand. He was an incredibly rich man with herds and crops, 10 children, a big house, and a wife. He lost everything but his wife in one day. Then he lost his health. His wife constantly complained. His friends weren’t of much help either.

Job did nothing to deserve this. It was his test. In the end, he was given double of what he had lost. What most people don’t realize is, according to scholars, Job’s troubles didn’t end in a couple of weeks or even a couple of months. Some say they lasted more than eight years and possibly up to 12 years.

Perception is tough for younger generations. Great-grandparents lived through World War I, the Depression, and World War II. What today’s people face isn’t that dramatic, but it still turns their world upside down.

There are some things you can do to help you through the troubles you face, but it takes some effort to get you to the other side.

Here are 10 things you can do when life gets hard:

  1. Permit yourself to feel.

You may have a mix of feelings going on and they may range from frustration to sadness. That’s okay. Allow yourself to feel every bit of it, but set a time limit. When the time is up, move on. Don’t wallow in your feelings or you will get depressed and may even get stuck where you are.

  1. Give thanks for the little things.

There are always little blessings everyone receives even in the worst of times. You may have to look for them though. A gentleman told a story saying he couldn’t find a face mask anywhere. Everyone was sold out. He went to buy a scarf and happened to speak to a couple of others in line about their masks. One was a nurse and she said she had some extra in her car and gave him one. He called it his “miracle mask” because it came free as a blessing when he needed it.

The Bible states “the pure in heart shall see God.” What that means is those who live in goodness can find evidence of God everywhere even in the smallest of things. Even if you don’t believe in God, give thanks for all the little things that make your life easier.

A benefit of giving thanks is that it rewires your brain to think more positively. This rewiring is beneficial as it opens you up to opportunities and makes life better.

  1. Do something, even something small.

We all like to feel we are in control and get upset when travesty heads our way and lets us know we aren’t in control at all. Doing something small to help your situation will empower you and possibly lead to something better.

A young woman found herself without a job. She and her husband had one working vehicle and he needed it for work. She wanted to do something to help make money because they were in debt. She decided to create a website using a free service to promote some of her hobbies. It took a while because she had never done it before and had to learn. She did it and, the next thing she knew, people were reading it! Then they were calling wanting her services. Soon, money was coming in and she didn’t have to leave her home.

Find something you can do that doesn’t cost anything. Maybe you can take a free class or read a book about success. You will find that doing something will leave you fruitful and that will help get you out of your situation.

  1. Remember this won’t last.

All problems and blessings are temporary. They will end. As one wise man said whatever happens today the sun will come up tomorrow.

  1. List what is going well in your life.

Lists are great ways to look at things objectively. It’s easy to list everything going wrong, but you need to recognize what is going right. Typically, one part of your life is going well even if the other parts are below your expectations. Listing what is going well helps you focus on the positive.

  1. View setbacks as a positive.

Setbacks can be a problem only if you let them. Setbacks and failures can be used to teach you because there is always something you can learn from them.

Another thing about setbacks is they can be a preliminary to something great. A Native American story tells of a warrior who broke his leg. While that was bad, it prevented him from going off with the rest of the men where they were in a war and all were lost. The warrior then became a leader.

Your problems can set you up for success in some cases if you utilize all it has to teach you.

  1. Keep your connections.

Some people disconnect from family and friends when they are going through problems. They are embarrassed or maybe just don’t want to talk about it. That is understandable, but not advised. You need to be around those who love and support you. You need to be able to talk to someone and have others keep you grounded as you go through tough times.

  1. Find ways to let your feelings out.

Feelings can’t be kept inside. One of the best ways to do this is by keeping a journal. Write down your experiences and how you are dealing with them. It will serve you well now to be able to vent and will also be a good way to reflect on all the experiences taught you later in life.

You can also work out or walk to gain some clarity. A good vigorous workout will do wonders to release tension and sometimes help you think more objectively about your situation.

  1. Remember life can be hard.

Every day isn’t going to be perfect and we all have seasons of life where things get tough. Having a tough time isn’t always a reflection on you although some may involve bad choices. Own up to your part of the responsibility and move forward with the new knowledge you have from the experience.

  1. Sometimes there are tough times right before a breakthrough.

Many people have told stories that they would have the worst luck right before something great happens. There is no science to this, but it’s good to remember that it is always darkest before dawn. There will be dawn coming and you will have a breakthrough if you continue to press for it.

Keeping these things in your mind while you move forward through your problems will help keep you motivated and grounded. Attitude means a lot when you are dealing with tough situations. Keep your head up and remember you will make it through whatever you are going through!

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