Taking Life Too Seriously

Taking Life Too Seriously

Everyone needs to take things a little less seriously in life. Most people will have problems with almost everything and will worry about things such as seeing people on al daily basis or how they will or will not impress people they meet.

They will wrestle with everything that happens and take things way too seriously in life, mostly themselves. Sometimes people are afraid of being hurt or put down and they will take things more seriously.

When serious things happen, they will learn to value things such as ethics and abilities, but they will question what they really need to do or will always try to prove themselves.

Each person wants to reach their goals and has responsibilities in things they have to do. Being serious is okay depending on the situation but when you have to be serious about everything that comes in life, you have things you need to overcome to live a healthy life.

When you are too serious with your friends then life can make you feel nervous and you will more than likely misjudge people and have a hard time connecting with people or having positive influences in your life.

One problem with taking yourself too seriously is that you have to feel that you need to be approved and you will worry about being rejected. You have to learn to live a good life and to stop letting people judge you.

Being afraid of being put down can cause you to overthink all things in your life and you have to remember that you do not owe your worthiness to anyone and you need to stop trying to be perfect.

When you decide that the world is a big play and that you are meant to please everyone, you will become miserable in life and you will not be able to make it through life without being exhausted and vulnerable.

People that take things too seriously become perfectionists and they worry about everything in life and stay busy trying to sort things out and to please everyone. They miss out on happy times and they end up with the wrong people in their lives.

The truth is that no one is perfect and even if you aren’t, the days still move on. The sky does not change, and the days do not stop and when you realize that life is not meant to be perfect then you will realize that you can be happy and stop stressing about things.

Get the idea of being perfect out of your head and stop being stressed about everything that happens and learn to enjoy your life. Stop being so serious and do things that are fun.

Learn to build your career and have fun doing it without thinking about it too much or thinking about how you can do it perfect.

Take time to see your family and to have coffee with a friend. Stop allowing the judging of people to get you down.


Learn to relax and be sane and have a happy life. Give the best that you have and if that is not enough then let it be.

Learn to appreciate your journey and learn to be happy with what you have. No one is perfect and no one has all of the answers. Learn that no matter what you do, that your existence is important and when life becomes too serious, try to stop being crazy and learn to embrace who you are and be happy with it.

Ask yourself if life is worth getting so upset for and if things in your life are beyond repair. Figure out what kind of problems that you have that you can fix and learn to calm down and relax.

Don’t worry about things that you cannot fix and when you do not have control over something, let it go.

Stop the cycle of thinking that you have to be better and learn to just be more fun. Have humor and surround yourself with people that enjoy you and want to be around you. Learn to be vulnerable around good people and learn to have light in your life.

Learn to spend time enjoying who you are and laughing at things that are funny.

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