Finding Yourself

Finding Yourself

Finding yourself means that you are not actually on a hunt for who you are, but you are trying to figure out what has happened in your life over the years that has caused you to lose who you are.  Finding yourself is a journey that is worth taking.

Figuring out who you are takes time and take a time of inner reflection and it is a place where you can get to know who your real self is.  This is worth taking time to work out who you are and even though it can take years for this to happen, you want to make sure that you are on a journey to learn to live the life that you want and to get things into order before life passes you by.

Finding out who you are takes you time to be inquisitive and there are many steps that you can take to figure out how you can fit these things into your world.

Know Who You Are Now

One of the biggest reasons that people feel that they need to find themselves is because they feel that along their road of life that they have lost something.  This can happen because of a loss that you had that can bring about grief and change.  You might have lost someone you loved through death or through a divorce or you might have lost a job or a friendship that was close to you.

Major events in our lives can cause us to feel that we are not certain of who we are, and we have to learn to figure things out in our circumstances.  Maybe you feel lost because you are not certain about things and because you have not learned to deal with stress.  Outcomes in life are both positive and negative.

You have to learnt o cope with things and to learn to handle changes that come in your life.  Get out o f what makes you comfortable and learnt o move ahead with who you really are.


You need to know where you came from and figure out where you are in this point of your life.  Knowing where you came from can help you figure out who you are

Write down a list of things that helped to shape who you are and have helped you to learn things about yourself.  Write down things you know and things you didn’t know up until now.  Be honest with what you write down and then move on.

This can help you to figure out things about your moral life that shaped what you have experienced and who you become.  Life can give you an advantage to understanding your behaviors and your value and ethics that you have.  This can help you be who you want to be.

Turn Down the Noise

You have to able to tell if something is your own belief or if it is the belief of others.  When you are a child, adults guided you and told you how you had to act and what you had to do.  Maybe these were negative things that were told to you and now you have a hard time tuning them out.

These things can be part of your subconscious mind and awareness and can be louder than what is real and what your mind is trying to tell you.

Society can do this to you as well.  We are always wanting to live our culture to be a winner and we block out what is critical and try not to do those things even if they help us to move forward.

Be mindful of who you are and mediate each day.  Do this at your own time and alone so that you can look at what you feel inside and not listen to the noise of the world  Sing a song or go out into nature so that you can relax and see how good life really can be.

Doing these things can help you to gain perspective of who you are and let you out of the situations that are holding you back.  Embrace yourself.

Embrace Who You Are

You are an individual and you have to exercise that you have a past and present and a future and learn to turn off the noises that are telling you and guiding you places that you don’t want to be.

Embrace who you are as an individual and list down positive things about yourself and write down what makes you feel essential on your life.  Including things that you have done that have helped to shape you and helped you to see what is important in life. Learn about your own values and what you believe.

Write down values and goals that you have and what it will take you to achieve them.  List things you have already achieved.


What are things that you would ever do?  People have desires and ideas and others always influence who we are and what we ask.  Are you not doing things because of society or because of yourself?


Write down what you would do if money was no option.  If you can have anything that you desire, and money was not a stopping point then write it down.  Brainstorm what you love and what you feel that doing would help you with.


This step might seem crazy or nonessential to you, but you need to get organized.  Organizing yourself can help you to feel better and help you to find out what obstacles are holding you back.  Take time to get yourself to be who you want to be in life.

Spring clean out your home and your life.  Make a daily schedule of things you need to accomplish and get it all done.  Do what makes you feel good and alive.  Talk to your friends, go out, have fun and don’t be a people pleaser.  Be who you are.

Take time to rely on who you are and learn to trust your judgment.  Life will get you organized, and you will realize that you have more self-confidence and can be who you want to be.  You cannot rely on yourself if you cannot figure out who you are.  Be accountable with yourself and make a future plan.

Get on a path where you can reach your goals and achieve your dreams.  Figure out what you don’t want to happen and what you want to happen.  Find yourself and who you are and rely on your true self and identity.


Everyone has things they are passionate about.  Do not settle for less than your passions and learn how you can make yourself to reach your goals and to do things that will make you better.  You know things you like to do and what hobbies that interest you.  Do something about them.

Figure out who you are and remember that you need to do things for you in order to improve your life.


Find someone in your life that can help you to reach your goals and to figure out who you are.  Be successful in your career and find someone that you think is great and consider them important to you.  Find someone that will mentor you and will help lead and guide you.

Support System

Find people in your life that have the same goals and aspirations that you do and get a support group.  Everyone needs some kind of support and you can find a few close people to share these things with.  Coach others and let them coach you.


Be honest with who you are and know your passions.  You have to take care of life things such as bills, and other things so do that but don’t let your work be what gets all of your energy.  Find things that make you happy and put your passions on the front line.

Things that you are passionate about can eventually become your career.  Get information on what you. love and see if life can move you that way.  Find things that make you comfortable and happy and act as though y9ou are fighting a battle for it.  Let your passions guide you.

Be You

Learn who you are and then be that person.  Once you have seen how your past, present and future have shaped you, embrace it and learn to be who you are.  These things helped you to figure out what morals you have and what you need in life.  Pursue who you are.

Now that you know about you and who you are, be authentic and don’t be fake.  Let people like you for who you are and find people in your life that will.  Once you find out who you are you will achieve the knowledge that you need to be honest and genuine in yourself.

Living the life someone else wants you to live means that you are living a lie.  Don’t get yourself stuck in the idea of someone else and learn to live who you want and who is better.  Once you discover who you are then you will no longer feel lost.  You will breathe in your life and learn to be a real person that is living the life that you want to live.

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