Consider This before Choosing a Life Partner

Consider This before Choosing a Life Partner

When you are ready to choose a life partner it is a huge decision because this is something that will alter your life and its course. Still, the right partner is needed for a happy, healthy, lifelong marriage that others will want and you can adore. It can be tough to choose a life partner because you may not know what to look for or even really consider. While this is an individual decision, there are certain qualities that point to a good partner for marriage. If you are trying to find a marriage partner or lifelong mate, we have made it a little easier with some recommendations that should be considered before committing.


The goal is a lifelong commitment, so disrespect is not an option. Someone who is disrespectful to you, your personality, or ambitions should be with someone else. Choose someone who respects all of you, even the odd parts. Make sure you can respect all of their attributes as well.

Shared Values

Your life partner and yourself should have shared values as these reinforce the foundation of the overall relationship. This covers everything from wanting children and how many to creating an area or environment in which you can both thrive.

Relationship Investment

Relationships must work both ways and this takes work. Find someone who is willing to invest time, effort, and money into a relationship in a way to meet both your needs to the same degree. This can take a different look for each couple, but should come from both sides.


A relationship that does not put high priority on trust and honesty will likely fail. Choose a life partner that is willing to be open and genuine in their communication about even the tough topics.

Keen on Your Life

Your life partner should want to be with you long term. This is a genuine support of your dreams and ambitions in all areas of work and dreams.


We all have a family and each family is unique. Family will always be part of who you are and a system of support. Your family will even be able to tell you if your potential partner is good for you. If your partner cannot handle your family members, then it may be time to move on to someone else.


If you are aggressive when it comes to your dreams or a general high achiever, then choose someone who is similar. Matching yourself with someone who is more laid back can lead to problems. This having a of a similar viewpoint can only feed the ambition level of you both. So, go for someone with similar intellectual prowess since you have the option.

Friends First

Though it sounds a little clique, talk to your friends to provide perspective. Make sure these are great friendships because how you behave in your friendships is the base for love as well. Find a partner who can be a friend as well as a life partner because they want to be, not because they have to be. Passion can only take you so far, make sure you can also just hang out and relax.


Two unique personalities come together in a relationship and this can lead to some pretty big arguments. Make sure your potential partner can handle ugly fights well and not go too over the top. Passion for a cause is great, but it can also be hurtful if it is not reeled in at times. If your perspective partner cannot handle their anger well then things could be bad if you get married.

Forgive and Forget

Much like anger control, a partner needs to be able to forgive and forget when problems do occur. This is not pretending something did not happen or even glossing over a real hurt, but truly forgiving and moving on. Even in the best relationships, not everything is love, kissing, and sex. Arguments happen and you need to know how to talk it out and move on without trotting it back out later to hurt one another.

Rice Purity Test

The Rice Purity test is a simple test in which you give yes or no answers. The questions are focused on taboo issues like drugs or sex to assess purity levels of an individual. The levels should be relatively evenly matched or one person may be a bit too outgoing for the other.

Choosing the right person to spend your life with requires you to use both your heart and mind. Start with the areas mentioned above and choose wisely.

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