Getting Over Someone You Love

Getting Over Someone You Love

It can be extremely heartbreaking when a relationship ends. We all figure out how to deal with breakups as an individual and some people can get over them fast while others seem to take much longer to get over it.

If you are one of those people that have a hard time recovering from breakup, you are not the only one. There are many people that have shock and sadness when the person they are with leaves them. It can be hard to get over this. The thing is, it is okay for you to be sad and upset for a while, but you have to learn to heal.

No matter where you are at in your life or your breakup, rather the beginning and you are just grieving or you are towards the end, your negative feelings and emotions will help you to heal. Do not be upset with yourself for having these emotions. When you are healing you need them. There are things that you can do to move towards a positive direction in your life. Allow yourself to find healing and to find peace.

Time Limit

One thing someone might have told you is that you should only grieve for a moment but that is not true. There is no time limit as to how long someone will grieve. You have to learn to grieve until you feel better.

Do not feel pressured or ashamed of yourself about you grieving. Move on when you are ready. Do not be down on yourself for taking time to heal.

Feel Your Emotions

Do not suppress your emotions and feelings but allow yourself to feel them. If you are sad or hurt, face this. Do not deny your feelings or try to hide them. You will feel sad, angry, and maybe even depressed. These will come until you learn to face them. Accept that they are there and move forward.

Social Media

You need to get rid of memories of your ex from your social media and phone. Delete past texts and pictures that are keeping you sad.

Delete your ex on your social media so that you are not always seeing them and what they are doing. This will give you empowerment and make you feel that you are doing something for yourself. Keeping them will just continuously open up past wounds.

Love Yourself

Take time to love yourself through your pain and heartbreak. If you feel that you are unworthy of love, change your mindset. Everyone goes through these feelings. Stop beating yourself up for your breakup.

No matter how much you believe that your ex defined your personality, that is not true. You are your own person and you have to learn to love yourself again.


Learn to journal what you are feeling. Take time each day to write down what you are feeling and write down things from your feelings and emotions. Make a list of things that annoyed you in your relationship so that you can see things were not that good.


Take your energy and do something positive with it. Find a way to be productive in your life. Pick up a new exercise routine and find new hobbies. Do things that make your endorphins go wild. Exercising can get rid of stress and anxiety.

Go around people that you love and hang out with those that support you. Find friends that can help you to find your happiness again.


Learn to forgive your ex. Even though you will be angry, and you will want to blame your ex for your failed relationship, learn to be more positive. Take the power that you have and remember to let go of your bitterness and anger.

Torturing Yourself

Stop torturing yourself because your relationship ended. Do not think of what you could have done differently but accept that it ended. Stop regretting every situation and thing that was said in the relationship.

Calm down and meditate and think about things that are good in your life.

Other People

There are going to be other people that you will meet in your life. Just because one relationship ended does not mean that you will not find someone else.

There are reasons that your relationship did not work out. This meant that you weren’t meant to be together and the universe knew this. Wait and see and you will find that you can have an amazing relationship with someone else.

See the Light

Even when you feel dark, this will only last for a while. Good things are coming, and you will be stronger for your feelings. Learn to see that your sadness and anger will end, and you will make it through it.

You will get through your heartbreak and you will be better for it. Embrace who you are and move on in love.

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