Handling Jealousy

Handling Jealousy

Dealing with Jealous People

Even if you are close to someone, it doesn’t mean that they will not be jealous. We get with people that we enjoy being around and we chase people that will make our lives better. When you are in life, you will attempt to do better than other people and you will find that there are times that people are going to be jealous.

The feelings of jealousy happen when competition rises up. When you think through your life, there are times that you will remember a time when you or someone that you liked was jealous of what you were doing. You might have acted kind towards this person because you loved them but the level of respect that you had would change and make you feel that you were not such as good friend because of these feelings.


When you have jealousy, it can be hard to handle, and it can cause you to have bad feelings in relationships. A relationship is hard enough to work out without jealousy being a common emotion. It is impossible to ignore jealousy and when you are close to someone, it makes it even harder to ignore. Just ignoring the feelings is not the right approach to take.

When jealousy comes, you have to question what is going on inside of you. Are you trying to climb the steps of success or are there triggers that are causing these feelings to come along? Do you feel that you are jealous because of success or because of similarity of others?

Feelings of Jealousy

Even though you might take pleasure form people being jealous of you, this is not a favorable feeling and is unhealthy.

Handling Jealousy

When we get jealous of people and we want to compete, we might be trying to have a better job or a better income. We might be jealous of success or of relationships. The notion of jealousy is that you are trying to have what someone else has and that you are unhappy with what you are.

You might see yourself as being similar with them but that they are getting a little bit ahead of you and this can cause jealousy. The accomplishments that you or others have should not turn into jealousy but motivation to do better. You should feel that accomplishments are refreshing and are reachable.

When you notice jealousy from a friend or family member, look to see what triggered it. Understand these feelings and find out what caused them to be jealous. What developed and what caused these feelings.

· Encouragement has lessened.

· New people came into your life.

· Behaviors of good actions faded.

· Seeing others do better made you feel jealous.

· Success is not your favorite topic

When you are dealing with friends and family that are jealous, it can cause the relationship to have problems. It can cause damage to your feelings and your pride.

Close Friends

You have to have a good outlook on the situation that you are going through. If you or someone you know is jealous, you need to look at their intentions. Is their jealousy over your achievements? Do you have goals to include those people in your success?

To deal with jealousy, you will have to learn not to react to their remarks and the looks that they give you. You have to treat their actions as a stem of their jealousy and not let them hurt you. Ignore when they say things that cause you to have pain in your heart and do not let them pull you down.

Find out what their motivation is and what causes their jealous behaviors. Do not react to what they are doing and just listen and pay attention.

Don’t call out someone for being jealous and do not salute their negative behavior. Be aware of their emotions and let them motivate you to be a better friend. Find out what the root of the jealousy is and see if you can figure out how to make it better.

Normalizing Yourself

When you accomplish something, you do not have to give a reason for your friends and family to be jealous. They might get jealous of your accomplishments or a job that you go, maybe you got something new that they wanted.

Jealousy needs to be something that brings about love instead of anger. Do not add to their feelings by showing off. Don’t be prideful and learn to operate from a place of love and growth. When you do so, you will find that you are satisfied with your life.

The internal feelings that you have will limit their jealousy and will stop them from being able to put their feelings on you that are negative.

When a friend or family member finds out what you have accomplished, they might downplay you but do not let them hurt you. Don’t give in to feelings of jealousy and be satisfied with what you have. It is okay to win and okay to feel good about yourself. Be happy with what you have done and do not let others hurt you for it.

Feelings of jealousy come form people not having what they want. They want to downplay what you have done and make you feel less than you are. Do not let negative feelings take away your success. Work hard with what you have and embrace it.


Do not be rude to people that are jealous. Do not try to downplay what you have done to make others feel better. Let them figure out how to get what they want in their life and then be happy for them. Dedicate time with them and talk to them. When people are jealous and they are trying to meet what you have done, this can put a strain in your life.

Be honest and open to what you did to get where you are and be genuine in helping them reach their goals as well. Teach them how to do what you did. Remember that you need to love your friend even if they are jealous and be kind when you approach them.

Learn to keep your circle small and be with people that want to know how you make it and want to celebrate with you. Make sure your accomplishments are known and that you have worked hard to reach them. Let them know that you have worked hard and long to get where you are.

Give them information on how they can reach their goals too. Do not let their ignorance hurt your feelings.

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