Overcoming Your Fears for Success

Overcoming Your Fears for Success

Are you afraid of failing?  Failing is something that we have all experienced and we have all gone through.  No one is afraid from birth and fear is something that we have learned.  We have to learn to stop allowing fear to over-rule our lives.

One of the most common fears that people have are that our successes will fail.  We fear that we will not succeed, and we will lose all of our money.

These fears cause people to not take chances and to refuse opportunities that could be great for them.  People are so afraid of failing that they refuse to take any chances at all.

Fears can make us unhappy such as:

  • Losing in love.
  • Being afraid of losing jobs.
  • Being afraid of having no money.
  • Being afraid of being embarrassed.
  • Fear of being rejected.
  • Fear of being criticized.
  • Fear of losing respect.

These fears that we have can cause us to lose out on things that will be good in our life.

Actions and Fears

Fear causes us to think that we cannot do things.  It stops us from taking action and can make us to feel sick.  When we are afraid, we feel our heart pounding and we have a hard time breathing and feel sick to our stomachs.

These are all things in our body that fear brings.  Everyone experiences these things sometimes.


When we become really afraid, our brain will almost shut down.  It causes us to become almost paralyzed like and to have a flight or fight reaction.

Fear is an emotion that holds us back our whole life.

Don’t Be Afraid

Imagine that you are doing what you are afraid of.  Think about these things in your mind and let your mind set an image for you so that you can see yourself in a better way.  Have a positive mental image of yourself.


Go through situations without fear.  Carry yourself as if you are not afraid of anything.  Smile and stand up straight and talk with confidence.  Act as if you have no fear of anything in your life.


Use the Law of Reversibility that tells you that when you feel a certain way then you should show your feelings that way.

If you act like your feelings are saying, you will learn to make your actions with your emotions at all times.

One of the best things you can do is to keep doing things that you are afraid of until the fear goes away completely.

Look at Your Fears

Look at the fears that you have and learn to deal with them.  One of the best things you can do is to deal with the fear that you feel inside of yourself.  Don’t do things that make you unhappy and confront the situations that bring you fear.

Move Forward

When you know what is causing you fear, learn to move towards it.  As you get less afraid, you will become more and more confident.  You will not allow your fears to take control of your life.

You will come to a point where you are able to control the situation and you will be stronger.  Don’t let fear dominate how you feel and ruin your day.

Deal with It

You must learn to deal with fear right away.  You have to learn not to deny what you are feeling.  Some people will deny that they are afraid because they don’t want to confront what they are feeling.  They become stressed and unhappy when this happens.

Learn to deal with the situation directly and force yourself to face these situations in your life that will help you to build your self-respect and your self-esteem.  Let your pride grow stronger.

Get to the point in your life where you have no fear and you are able to face anything.

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