Increasing Self-Esteem

Increasing Self-Esteem

Everything that comes to our mind is something that we can become. People are all the time searching for things such as happiness and self-esteem. They look for ways to build a foundation and a list so that they can be more confident, have more self-esteem and in the end, happiness.

When you become strong in your self-esteem, you will begin to change how you think. If you are always thinking negative things about yourself, it can cause you to be negative and to even come to a point of depression.

This happens because you lack the thankfulness for being alive. You have a hard time accepting who you are, forgiving yourself or others and disciplining yourself to think better thoughts. You might be too hard on yourself or maybe you have made mistakes that you feel are unforgivable.

Growing up can cause you to develop a lack of confidence and can cause you not to allow good things to come into your life. Once you decide to change this, you will become completely responsible for your thinking and your life and you will build a foundation to gain self-esteem and confidence.

Once you do this, you will learn to love who you are, and you will be able to help others to overcome their lack of feelings and their negative thinking.

Being happy is part of being thankful for your life and for living. This can help you to become more open and to help others that are dealing with different challenges in their own lives.

Life is hard and it seems to be a cycle. When things are good, they are good, but they can fall apart in just seconds. You are not able to choose what you experience but remember that your experiences help you to grow and to be stronger.

The self-growth that you go through will lead you to a life of success and strong self-esteem.

Change of Habits

You must discipline yourself to change your thoughts from negative thinking to thoughts of love. You have to change your habits and learn to ask yourself how you can improve your mindset.

What would it be like if your thoughts were more caring and loving and if you had less self-hating thoughts? Thinking of this can change your mind and your life and help you to learn to love and respect yourself.


Ask your friends or your family to help you and if you are really struggling, it is okay to seek professional help. This can help you to have more self-esteem and confidence.


Choose affirmations and mantras that you can say each and every day, three or four times a day. Say things like, “I am better each day,” “I have improved my life today.”

Inner Circle

Stop hanging out with negative people. You have to learn to be around people that will support you and help to encourage you to be a better person. Learn to have some distance in your relationships that are negative or pull you down.

Create a distance in your life and have healthier relationships.


Learn to be more thankful in your life. Even when things are not perfect, be thankful for what you have.

When you are feeling down, be thankful that you can get up each day and that you can breathe and see. Be thankful for the good things that happen to you.

Learn to be thankful in times when things are hard too and this can help you to have more self-love.

Be Present

Learn to stop worrying so much about what has happened in your past or where you are going in the future. You will see new opportunities come in your life each and every day.

Learn to live in the present and the now and whatever negative things you are facing, push them aside and start new. The past does not have to keep repeating itself to you. Learn to have a better future and to find your self-worth.

Helping Others

Find someone in need and go out and help them. Volunteer your time at a childcare center or an animal shelter.

Doing this and helping others can give you a stronger appreciation for the life that you have. This can help you to have more value for others and to feel confident because of the help you are giving.


You are not alone. You are part of the universe and you are connected to so many people. When you start to feel alone, remember that the universe is there to guide you and support you. Do not let your insecurities get in the way of what you can do.

Go out into the world and do the best that you can do. Be the best that you can be and let the universe help you to make good decisions and to guide your steps.

Even though we all face challenges, remember that self-esteem and happiness are very real and if you take a step towards these things, you can and will find them.

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