Reasons why you should date the bad boy

Reasons why you should date the bad boy

Something about bad boys always attracts women. There are many reasons as to why you shouldn’t fall for them. They will break your heart, your spirit, and even some bones in you. However, they have their charms. Below are some of the reasons why you should probably give them a try.

  1. Very attractive

Their bodies are covered in tattoos. They have been through motorcycle crashes and other risky stunts. Clean beards and long hair. Very full of sex appeal. They have body piercings and other modifications.

  1. Self-contradiction

On a good day, they are daredevils. But they are devils at relationships too. They rarely answer calls or text back. You can never depend on them. But they come through, they make you feel like the whole world revolves around you. Gifts will come your way, flowers and a lot of other goodies.

  1. They are fun

You may make love on the grass or sand. They will take you bungee jumping or on a police car chase on the freeway. They make you feel fearless when with them

You feel alive and it so exciting to spend time with these bad boys.

  1. They introduce you into their risky lifestyle

With these bad boys, you will find yourself indulging in risks you’ve never considered.  This makes life more worthy, when you detour from time to time to test the waters, and might even provide you with rare opportunities. Just be careful not to indulge too deep.

  1. The best choice just for the meantime

If you’re not looking at something serious or too engaging, this should be your choice. They are only after the fun, no commitments. You won’t have to take him home to your parents, and you can leave them out of your future plans.

  1. Source of inspiration

Being with a bad boy can be compared to being an adrenaline junkie. When they leave you they break your heart into a million pieces. They leave you miserable, however, misery is an artist.

This will provide you with enough motivation to turn your miseries into a fortune by expressing them in the form of art or music.

  1. To be able to identify the good ones:

Dating a bad boy gives you the experience and ability to identify the good ones, due to whatever you got through dating them.

  1. Advice from experience

It’s not easy for teenage girls to take advise from moms who seem to have had a perfect life. But if the daughter understands that you were vulnerable some time back as she is now, she will be more willing to listen and getting through to her would be much easier.

  1. The bad boy could actually be a good guy

There exist boys who turn out really good when you reveal their true self. They use this bad boy motive to hide their true self. The most vulnerable and sensitive part of them exists deep inside, though such individuals are rare.

  1. The bad boy aspect exists in every man

Rarely will you find out that a person is bad throughout? Some are more rebellious than others, while for others, they just conceal the bad side from the public.  You could probably find a man whose badness level matches with yours, and you may just get along.

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