The Difficulties of Dating for Alpha Females

The Difficulties of Dating for Alpha Females

Urban Dictionary defines alpha females with words like assertive, intelligent, powerful, strong, and confident. She pursues goals usually perceived as outside the norm. An alpha female is the dominant female in any group. She’ll date as many men as she wants to. Alpha females are hard workers, and are often quite busy. Alpha females solve problems intellectually.

Silicon Valley is full of educated men and women, many of whom are startup geniuses and techies. So, it’s no surprise that Silicon Valley is full of alpha females. It also should come as no surprise that many of them are single.

Alpha Females thrive in their workplaces. According to one business magazine, nine of the 20 richest self-made American women live in Silicon Valley. But how do alpha females rank as date material? And how does this relate to the high percentage of single men in Silicon Valley?

Challenges for Alpha Females

Alpha females generally describe dating to be more difficult than the general population believes it to be. For successful, career-driven women, finding time to date can be a challenge. Many female executives, for example, find it difficult to schedule enough time to sleep every night, let alone to date! Heading a startup is even more demanding, as such leadership requires endless working hours, worldwide travel, and 100 percent devotion to the cause.

Not coincidentally, the high number of professionally-minded women in Silicon Valley is also likely the reason why there are so many single men there. On the surface, it would appear that living in a city filled with successful and focused women and men would actually make dating easier for them. But that isn’t actually the case.

For alpha females, casual dating is easy. But finding lasting relationships can be difficult. The majority of Silicon Valley men are fearless when it comes to starting or building a company. But they appear to be intimidated by women who share that fearlessness. This dynamic often results in abundant first and second dates, but nothing much beyond those.

Being single alpha females in Silicon Valley is moving beyond its status as the latest trend. It’s now becoming the norm, the status quo. So just like any other trendsetter, it’s time for alpha females to flaunt their singleness. It won’t fall out of fashion anytime soon.

It’s time for alpha females to accept that their singleness doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong with them. Instead, it means they are strong and independent women who choose to focus on their personal growth and our careers.

A Dating App for Alpha Females

Amanda Bradford is a self-described alpha female. She’s also the founder and CEO of The League, an ultra-exclusive dating app now offered in more than 30 cities in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. It caters primarily to the needs of successful, career-minded professional women—in other words, alpha females.

Before the app launch, she tried to meet at least one new person every month, but finding potential dates and enough time to date them is often difficult. Guys Bradford dated had to accept that they’d only see her about once a week. They also had to understand that she was generally not available to go out with them and their friends, or to events where all of them and their girlfriends would be.

Bradford launched the app because she wanted to build a community where smart, successful, outspoken women are valued and supported in their desire to advance in their careers. She never wanted to hear a woman worry that her intellectual achievements or professional ambitions would turn off potential dating partners.

Like any other self-respecting alpha female, Bradford took matters into her own hands and came up with her own solution to help career-driven women find suitable male dating partners. So, if you’re an alpha female who’s becoming overly frustrated by men who can’t seem to handle you, be encouraged: you could just develop an app that will solve that problem for you!

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